Tuesday, July 22, 2008

6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure - Press Release

An Affordable eBook provides Simple Foreclosure Prevention Techniques
to both Homeowners and Real Estate Investors alike.

Vallejo, CA—On July 4, 2008, K. Patrice Williams unveiled her comprehensive how-to-avoid foreclosure book to the public and fittingly dubbed it 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure. Patrice Williams is an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Property Management Professional at a Bay Area Affordable Housing Company. Patrice holds a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from San Francisco Law School, as well as a B.A. in Economics from Sonoma State University.

A recent MSNBC business segment revealed that 1 out of 11 of all mortgages are now in default. “In default” is defined as missing one or more mortgage payments. Like millions of Americans, Patrice was also affected by the downward turn in the economy. Through pre-negotiation research and extensive communication with the lender, an effective, proven system of strategies were developed-- 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure (www.avoidforeclosuremanaual.com). These techniques aim to provide an affordable information solutions to hard working Americans facing foreclosure.

Saundra Price, Sr. Loan Modification Manager of HomeSavers 411 in Atlanta, GA, had this to say about her experience with 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure’s simple techniques: “Over the course of reading many articles and books that will assist my clients in Avoiding Foreclosure, I have found this book, 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure, the most useful, comprehensive and well written. The Budget and Loan Workout Worksheets alone are well worth the $34.95 price of the book."

To find out more about, 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure, (Myles Publishing Company, 2008, ISBN #978-0-9818703-0-4), check out www.AvoidForeclosureManual.com.

The author is available for media questions and information. Please contact Myles Publishing Company toll-free at 1-866-500-8884 x200 or info@thesimpleseries.net.