Saturday, February 20, 2010

Business Email- Etiquette

After receiving a few too many odd, unprofessional business emails this week -- I've decided to post a reminder about email etiquette:

1) Spell check your emails before you send them. I haven't seen an email program without a spell check program. Misspelled words in a business email is not only distracting to the reader, but also makes but the receiver of the email wonder about your intelligence. (Harsh—I know—but TRUE!!)

2) Be short and to the point—we’re all busy!

3) Use the subject line - readers of your email want to know at a glance, what the email about.

4) Use an email footer. Its free advertisement for your company. Example:

K. Patrice Williams, JD
Author, Speaker, Business Consultant

5) Try to respond to business emails within 24 hours.

6) NEVER use all caps in the subject line or body of your email. It's annoying, distracting and in the email world, its code for Shouting. If you're not shouting at your email reader, then don't use all caps. (Yes—I was shouting TRUE on point one)

7) Don't forget the attachment. There is nothing worse that pointing the reader to review an attachment and then not attaching the document.

8) Last reminder, instead of trying to convey a complex idea over email, sometimes it's better to make a personal call to the reader.