Saturday, August 22, 2009

Outsourcing Saved me $10,000 in 12 months

Not only has Outsourcing saved me about $10,000 in labor over the last 12 months, but it has also saved me--my sanity!

I am a mother, wife, full time employee, I run a Publishing and Consulting Service that includes managing the projects of 3 authors, 13 websites, 6 blogs, 6 books and 2 Audio CDs. There is absolutely no way to accomplish so much without a full team of employees. UNLESS, you have a team of affordably priced, part time outsourced staff.

My Elance team includes 2 amazing Graphics Designers, Web Site Designer and 2 Virtual Assistants. My staff takes care of most of business needs from logo design, identity creation, book cover design, web banners, website creation, online marketing campaign implementation, organizing press kits, research, database development and editing documents.

Just try it....start an account on Elance today, its free to check it out, look at job posts and figure out prices. Then let me know what you think.


Land yourself a Job by Blogging


Land yourself a job by Blogging. Imagine, your a unemployed Customer Service Manager. You start a blog (which is free and takes about 5 minutes) about your field of this case customer service. On your blog, you post your thoughts about how to increase customer service in different aspects of a business.

Now you add your new blog url to the top of your resume and reference it in your coverletter.

As a hiring manager, I look at about 50-75 resumes a year. I would be very impressed by the candidate that has a subject related blog. It effectively sets the candidate part because the hiring manager can immediately see that the candidate can write and knows the subject matter.

There are many free blog hosting sites, a few that I know include: (owned by google. I use and really like blogger because post are uploaded and searchable on google very quickly) (extremely popular)

Wishing you the best, in finding your next position.