Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Awakening

I was recently passing through Washington DC and to my dismay, found that "The Awakening" had been moved to the National Park. We pulled off the highway and I stood in shock for a while, then snapped the picture above. Personally, I think 'the big guy' looks out of place, out in the sunlight, next to the water. He just doesn't evoke the same emotion, mystery and thought from me that he once did when he was laying out under the shade trees of Hains Point.

When I lived in Washington DC as a student at Howard University, I would visit Hains Point frequently and read or study near "The Awakening" or as we called him...the Sleeping Giant. Hains Point was a popular hang out spot for students, intellectuals, look out over the Potomac River...... ponder life, laugh, talk....and sometimes...get a little drunk!

I am an Ex-Resident of Washington DC and a Howard University Alumni, which is to say, I'm sure no one cares what I think, but I vote to move the giant from National Park!!

Okay--that's the end of my rant, back to more intellectual matters....

Pushed into my Purpose

Pushed into my Purpose, is not only a book written by Wanda Childs, Owner of Blessed 24:7, but it also describes many of us who have experienced professional transitions at work.

To most, I suspect, being laid off, is devastating. For others, like is pure liberation -- but with a bonus, also known as, a severance package. I really loved my colleagues, my supervisor, city officials, service providers and the people I Citizens Housing (CHC), a non-profit affordable housing company based out of San Francisco. But the truth is, working 40-50 hours a week at CHC and then working another 20-30 hours a week for myself, was simply........draining.

CHC going out of business, although sad, in effect, was an amazing opportunity for me to run my own family of companies, full time.

Although, I admit that I have a great disposition by nature, it's been kicked up about 10 notches. I am downright thrilled each day. I go to bed each night, smiling. And anxiously hop out of bed each morning and go into my cute home office (that I lovingly refer to as 'the money pit') with the 'L- shaped' desk, mustard colored accent walls, white boards and mini-water fountains, tricked out computer..... and get to work. All the passion, energy, love and vigor that I used to put into Citizens Housing, now gets put 100% into my own projects and companies! It's like living out a dream.

Kippy, my Nutritionist and Reiki Practitioner believes that we are in a global transitional shift right now, layoff's force folks to find their true passions in life. I agree, but takes a bit of self analysis and courage for most of us to figure out what we really want to do, our passion, and then to go for it. 

Living out our passions,  may mean a reduction in income in a new field, going back to school or starting a company. But then again, there is no better feeling than doing what you love each day.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Watch what you think

You are what you think --- so watch your thinking.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

1 out of 3 Mortgage holders are behind on Payments...are you?

Let me help you to avoid the stress and embarrassment of foreclosure in 6 Simple Steps.

6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure by K. Patrice Williams, JD
- $19.99

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Internet Marketing for Seniors

According to AARP, seniors are the largest growing segment of internet users.

I was recently back East visiting my family and quickly realized that my more senior relatives where online.

A 72 year aunt had a brand new desktop/flat screen monitor/printer set up, which was probably better than mine. She bought it at Walmart, on a whim while there to purchase some shoes. I taught her how to research topics that she was interested in on Google.

My 62 year old mother, has always been computer savvy, but just got a webcam so that she and my father can see and talk to my son. She wants me to set up her facebook webpage and wants to 'tweet', although I'm certain she doesn't really know what either of these are.

My Great Aunt, who is 81, just purchased a brand new laptop. She had never touched a computer before this point. I set up the laptop for her and had to give her immediate homework....learn how to move and control your mouse! The next day she called me to tell me that she has been practicing using her mouse and she was ready for the internet so that she can pay her bills online, she probably doesn't have more than 2 bills to pay online, but I was tickled none the less.

The point...savvy business owners should take note, seniors are online, they have facebook pages (and they want to tweet!) so we should all be tweaking our marketing plans to attract their business.

Beware of Fraud-- Keep your money in your Wallet!

I recieved the email below this morning, and I was reminded that I should do my part to make others more aware of fraudsters who's lot in life are to take advantage of anyone they can, but especially seniors.

A few other fraud reminders:
  • Craigslist:  Never accept a buyer that want to send you a money wire or bank money order with additional fees to ship the product somewhere else.   Moneywires and be reversed and bank money orders can bounce, leaving you without the product you were selling and short the money wire amount that includes shipping fees.  When you sell products on Craigslist, meet them, at a public place, and take cash.
  • NEVER give your account number or credit card number to anyone that calls you.  If a bill collector wants your Account Number or Credit Card Number they should be able to give you thier number to call them back or they should send you an invoice for you to pay.  Never buy anything on the phone unless you have iniated the call....
  • Do not respond to emails requesting personal information or emails that are asking for help.  In addition to the email below, I have also gotten emails from 'foriegn attorneys' informing me that they have money waiting for me in various countries.
Dont let fraudsters seperate your from your money. 

K. Patrice Williams, JD
Patrice shares more Fraud Awareness tips in her book, 6 Simple Steps to Credit Repair

From The Desk Of:

Dr Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

Executive Governor,



On behalf of the entire Staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Government of Nigeria in collaboration with IMF and World Bank.We apologize for the delay of your Contract Payment and all the Inconveniences you encountered while pursuing this payment.

However,from the Records of outstanding Contractors due for payment with the Federal Government of Nigeria, your Name and Company was discovered as next on the list of the outstanding Contractors who have not yet received their payments.

I wish to inform you now that the square peg is now in square hole and your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter.Also note that from the record in my file,your outstanding Contract Payment is US$10,700,000.00 (Ten Million Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).Kindly re-confirm to me the followings:

Your Full Name: ______________________________

Your Complete Address (Physical Address with Zip Code not P.O.BOX)


Name of City of Residence:_______________________________


Direct Telephone Number:________________________

Mobile Number:____________________________________

Nearest airport:________________________________

Working Identity Card/:________________________________



As soon as the above mentioned details are received, your payment will be made to you via diplomatic courier delivery in accordance to World Bank and IMF recommendations.A diplomat with international Diplomatic Dilivery immunity will be contracted to deliver the funds at your doorstep.




Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Create a Life Journal: And Take Charge of Your Life

Life Journal
Idea Book
Life Bible
List of Goals
..sticky notes with ideas on it

Pictured above is my life journal...I carry it with me every where (and it looks it!). It goes with me to work, on my train commute and next to my night stand before I go to sleep.

I write down thoughts for:
- businesses and books;
- website layouts, marketing and promotion ideas;
- and colors that inspire and empower me.

The key is not to only write and build on ideas, but to also give thought on how to accomplish an organized way.

My opinion....get rid of the sticky notes with ideas on it...and scratches of paper that will evidently be lost and purchase a $1.00 notebook and start writing out your thoughts.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Outsourcing Saved me $10,000 in 12 months

Not only has Outsourcing saved me about $10,000 in labor over the last 12 months, but it has also saved me--my sanity!

I am a mother, wife, full time employee, I run a Publishing and Consulting Service that includes managing the projects of 3 authors, 13 websites, 6 blogs, 6 books and 2 Audio CDs. There is absolutely no way to accomplish so much without a full team of employees. UNLESS, you have a team of affordably priced, part time outsourced staff.

My Elance team includes 2 amazing Graphics Designers, Web Site Designer and 2 Virtual Assistants. My staff takes care of most of business needs from logo design, identity creation, book cover design, web banners, website creation, online marketing campaign implementation, organizing press kits, research, database development and editing documents.

Just try it....start an account on Elance today, its free to check it out, look at job posts and figure out prices. Then let me know what you think.


Land yourself a Job by Blogging


Land yourself a job by Blogging. Imagine, your a unemployed Customer Service Manager. You start a blog (which is free and takes about 5 minutes) about your field of this case customer service. On your blog, you post your thoughts about how to increase customer service in different aspects of a business.

Now you add your new blog url to the top of your resume and reference it in your coverletter.

As a hiring manager, I look at about 50-75 resumes a year. I would be very impressed by the candidate that has a subject related blog. It effectively sets the candidate part because the hiring manager can immediately see that the candidate can write and knows the subject matter.

There are many free blog hosting sites, a few that I know include: (owned by google. I use and really like blogger because post are uploaded and searchable on google very quickly) (extremely popular)

Wishing you the best, in finding your next position.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure: Press Release

Press Release

Vallejo, CA—On July 24, 2009, K. Patrice Williams unveiled the 3rd version of her comprehensive how-to-avoid foreclosure book to the public and fittingly dubbed it 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure, 3rd edition. Patrice is a member of the National Association of Women Writers and the Northern California Association of Publishers and Writers. Patrice Williams is also an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor and Property Management Professional at a Bay Area Affordable Housing Company and holds a Juris Doctorate (J.D.), as well as a B.A. in Economics.

A recent MSNBC business segment revealed that 1 out of 11 of all mortgages are now in default. “In default” is defined as missing one or more mortgage payments. Like millions of Americans, Patrice was also affected by the downward turn in the economy. Through pre-negotiation research and extensive communication with the lender, an effective, proven system of strategies were developed-- 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure ( ). These techniques aim to provide an affordable information solutions to hard working Americans facing foreclosure.

Saundra Price, Sr. Loan Modification Manager of HomeSavers 411 in Atlanta, GA, had this to say about her experience with 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure’s simple techniques: “Over the course of reading many articles and books that will assist my clients in Avoiding Foreclosure, I have found this book, 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure, the most useful, comprehensive and well written. The Budget and Loan Workout Worksheets alone are well worth the $19.95 price of the book."

To find out more about, 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure, (Myles Publishing Company, 2008, ISBN #978-0-9818703-0-4), check out .

The author is available for media questions and information. Please contact Myles Publishing Company toll-free at 1-866-500-8884 x200 or

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Facing Difficult Life Decisions?

Sound decisions should be made in still waters.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Live within Your Dreams

Are you doing what you love! Do you awake each morning happy and ready to go to work? Or are you just there to collect your paycheck?

Todays reminder: Live within you Dreams

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maintain balance within your Work life and Personal life

This month, I am reminded that maintaining a work-life balance can be difficult. It is essential that we disconnect from work and maintain a rewarding personal life.

To take control of your work-life balance:

1. Set your personal priorities. What's important in your personal life? Make a list:
· Do you like to exercise, attend Yoga class, go to the gym?
· Do you have people you like to spend time with like a spouse? friends, children, girlfriend or boyfriend?
· Do you like to go to the movies, hike, read books on the beach, write or play computer or video games?
· Do you donate your time to a local nonprofit or church?
Whatever your priorities, make time for it and be present in your personal life.

2. Manage your time at work. When you are at work, give 110%. Work efficiently and with purpose. Sometimes overtime or being on call is required, a lot of times, being married to our jobs are self imposed. Work your 8 hours, efficiently, and then leave! Enjoy that other part of you...your personal life!

3. Protect your privacy. When you leave work, turn off the blackberry! Don't go home and log in to your work email or take calls from your boss. It's your personal time, quality time that you need to rebuild your mind and body for the next day.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Overhaul your Resume and Coverletter

While a student at Howard University in Washington, DC--I started my first business. I would write resumes, cover letters, type research and term papers. In fact, my now husband, was one of my first customers. Today, naturally, I see alot of resumes and cover letters, with there being such a high competition in the job market, I'm always surprised when I see bad ones.

A few tips:
1) Remember that your resume is your first chance to sell yourself to the employer. What do you want them to know about you? What professional attributes do you bring to an organization? And, does your resume and cover letter reflect these attributes.
2) Content isn't enough, your resume MUST look professional. Get rid of the weird fonts and margin sizes. Either pay to have your resume professionally typeset, or have a friend that is really good in word, layout your resume and cover letter.
3) Eliminate Designer emails off of your resume! Keep email addresses professional and simple like: or When I see email addresses, and, I am immediately turned off. I think, if this person cant present themselves professionally on paper, what will they be like as an employee.
4) Correct grammatical errors and typo's. Your spelling must be perfect!
5) Give some thought to what you would like to accomplish in your next job opportunity, then rewrite your objective statement.
6) Get feedback! Ask your friends and family to look at your resume and give you honest feedback. What is their first impression?
7) Your resume is a work in process, re-read and edit it every few months.

Monday, July 6, 2009 for Non Profits

I absolutely LOVE this fundraising site. It's loaded with tons of articles, podcasts and free webinar training, a must see site, for any non-profit that hasn't utilized their website, emails or social networking to drive their fundraising campaign.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friends for a Season

Some friends are in our lives for a lifetime, others for just a season.

When we look back at our lives, we remember that close friend, that we couldn't imagine being without. They may have been there to help you to have fun or to laugh, or through a difficulty or to provide guidance and support.

Then poof... of you moved, or got married, or had a child, or changed jobs, or graduated...and that friend was gone, your paths and priorities had shifted.

Accept the friendship for the season it is in, and incorporate those experiences and learned lessons in other areas of your life.

Friday, July 3, 2009


After an especially taxing and stressful week…I went to a Reiki treatment during my lunch break yesterday. Not only did I have my energy replenished, but my Reiki Practitioner, reminded me….to Forgive.

Where did that come from? But knowing the details of my tough week….I knew immediately, she was right. A few years ago Oprah Winfrey had a message of forgiveness on her show. She said there was a woman that she was mad at, for whatever reason, for years. Then one day she saw this woman walking down the street, shopping and the woman was so happy! Oprah had spent so much time and wasted so much energy being mad at this woman, and she was blissfully happy, seemingly, without a care in the world!

With that…..I forgive and send love…..and this morning, I feel great!


Edit to Post: I’ve already had people asking me what Reiki is… according to, Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being.

Reiki is a simple, non-intrusive (clothes on), non-manipulative, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement by correcting energy imbalances to the head, arms, hands, legs and feet. The treatment takes place on a massage table in a tranquil environment, with soft music and is deeply relaxing. I use an amazingly sweet, intuitive, caring woman, Kippy Kern, Nutrition Educator and Reiki Practitioner, who I found through (the best yoga center I've ever attended!!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Being Extra-Ordinary & Exceptional

We are all Extra-Ordinary and Exceptional. Why not take a few minutes right list your exceptional qualities.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Struggles prepare us for Great things to come!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Manage your Stress!

While working my way through law school, a good friend gave me techniques to better manage stress. The belief in the medical community is that excessive stress tears down the body and makes you exhausted.

Take advantage of you medical coverage:

1. Psychologist (its wonderful to talk to an objective 3rd party)
2. Acupuncture and Chiropractic adjustments

Eliminate stress toxins by:

1. Exercise/Yoga/Stretching (purchase tapes on loan from the local library)
2. Losing Excess Weight
3. Invest in and take a good daily vitamin
4. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
5. Get at least 1-2 hours of natural sunlight a day (sit or walk outside during lunch breaks, open the curtains and blinds when you are home)
6. Only talk to people who are positive, limit communication with co-workers, family and/or friend who are negative

Regroup: Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.

1. Attend church, pray and Read Psalms
2. Take Selfish time: Do your hair, give yourself a Manicure or Pedicure, have your spouse give you an hour massage everyday, take a quiet hot soke in the tub daily
3. Reconnect with friends and family.



Sunday, June 28, 2009

LOVE your JOB!

What is worse than going to a job that you hate? Spending the weekend--dreading going to work on Monday. Or spending the weekday--- wishing for Friday.

Well, with the state of the economy, alot of us are lucky to even have a job. The job market is saturated with job seekers. So you cant just quit your job--and hope to find a replacement so quickly, and there are bills to pay. So, make lemonade out of's how:

1) Make fold a blank piece of paper into two. On one side of the fold, write what you love about your job. Example: mentoring and developing staff, training, helping clients, creating budgets...

2) On the other side of the fold, write what you don't like about your job. Example: interoffice gossip, the boss that micro-manages, work stress that seems to leak into your personal life

3) Think: How can you change the things you do not like about your job? Can you take on more responsibilities or projects focusing on what you do love? Or is there an open position in your company encompassing more of the responsibilities that you like? Disassociate yourself with the gossipers? Talk to your boss about his micro-management style? Improve your time management skills to work more efficiently?

4) Can you delegate the responsibilities that you don't like?

Is there nothing about the job or company that you like at all? Don't worry, there is a solution for this scenario as well....figure out what you want to do, do you need a degree, to take classes, to put out cover letters and resumes, make the right contacts....put a plan in place and work on your plan after work or on your days off.

Even if you absolutely don't like your job, you will still feel better at work knowing that you are actively working to move on.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Powerful Life Strategies: Positive Affirmations

I am the owner of a Publishing Company, Property Management Company, Speaker, Author, mom and wife who is currently studying to pass the Bar Exam. Im constantly asked, how is it possible to handle so many things at one time.

The key is to use powerful positive thinking techniques, visualizations and positive affirmations, and it will be possible to achieve whatever it is that you want.

Developing a positive mindset is one of the most powerful life strategies there is and affirmations will transform your life, your joy and your health.

The best way to use this technique is:

1) Think of an affirmation.

Yes! I will pass the February 2010 California Bar Exam
I will sell 50,000 units of books
I will be fit, healthy and slim
I will have a happy, loving marriage

2) Write your affirmation on 2-3 index cards, in large, clear, letters.

3) Place an index card on the bathroom mirrors and in the kitchen.

4) Wake up each morning, energized and happy. While brushing your teeth, combing your hair, taking a bath, making breakfast---repeat the affirmation, over and over. Believe the affirmation. Invision yourself having accomplished the affirmation.

Michael Jackson

The death of Michael Jackson and the circumstances surrounding it, is unfortunate.

But as the mother of a 7 year old, his shine lost luster for me personally, with the "its loving to share your bed with children" comments and subsequent child molestion charges that he was indited for. Michael Jackson may have been found "not guilty" of the child molestation charges, but it still makes me feel uneasy that a grown man, didnt realize that sleeping in the same bed with kids that are not a out of bounds, unusual, and not to be done.

I really like my cousins husband, but there would be a problem if I found out he was sleeping in the same bed as my son!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally--the new release of my new site:

This is the quickest portal to all of my books, and to book me for presentations and conferences.

6 Simple Steps to Avoid Foreclosure ( and
6 Simple Steps to Credit Repair ( can be purchased as ebooks, audio or on amazon.