Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pushed into my Purpose

Pushed into my Purpose, is not only a book written by Wanda Childs, Owner of Blessed 24:7, but it also describes many of us who have experienced professional transitions at work.

To most, I suspect, being laid off, is devastating. For others, like is pure liberation -- but with a bonus, also known as, a severance package. I really loved my colleagues, my supervisor, city officials, service providers and the people I Citizens Housing (CHC), a non-profit affordable housing company based out of San Francisco. But the truth is, working 40-50 hours a week at CHC and then working another 20-30 hours a week for myself, was simply........draining.

CHC going out of business, although sad, in effect, was an amazing opportunity for me to run my own family of companies, full time.

Although, I admit that I have a great disposition by nature, it's been kicked up about 10 notches. I am downright thrilled each day. I go to bed each night, smiling. And anxiously hop out of bed each morning and go into my cute home office (that I lovingly refer to as 'the money pit') with the 'L- shaped' desk, mustard colored accent walls, white boards and mini-water fountains, tricked out computer..... and get to work. All the passion, energy, love and vigor that I used to put into Citizens Housing, now gets put 100% into my own projects and companies! It's like living out a dream.

Kippy, my Nutritionist and Reiki Practitioner believes that we are in a global transitional shift right now, layoff's force folks to find their true passions in life. I agree, but takes a bit of self analysis and courage for most of us to figure out what we really want to do, our passion, and then to go for it. 

Living out our passions,  may mean a reduction in income in a new field, going back to school or starting a company. But then again, there is no better feeling than doing what you love each day.

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