Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Awakening

I was recently passing through Washington DC and to my dismay, found that "The Awakening" had been moved to the National Park. We pulled off the highway and I stood in shock for a while, then snapped the picture above. Personally, I think 'the big guy' looks out of place, out in the sunlight, next to the water. He just doesn't evoke the same emotion, mystery and thought from me that he once did when he was laying out under the shade trees of Hains Point.

When I lived in Washington DC as a student at Howard University, I would visit Hains Point frequently and read or study near "The Awakening" or as we called him...the Sleeping Giant. Hains Point was a popular hang out spot for students, intellectuals, look out over the Potomac River...... ponder life, laugh, talk....and sometimes...get a little drunk!

I am an Ex-Resident of Washington DC and a Howard University Alumni, which is to say, I'm sure no one cares what I think, but I vote to move the giant from National Park!!

Okay--that's the end of my rant, back to more intellectual matters....

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